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It all started rather innocently enough.  Back in Jan of 2008, my friend Paul Lytle told me he had an extra VIP package for the Buell 25th Anniversary Homecoming and was wondering if I would like to attend?  I told Paul  “Sure” and as luck would have it I was able to get the time off!! 


While waiting for July to arrive, I kept up with the racing exploits of Buell friend Mark in Ohio.  He was doing rather well and I began to think I might be able to get into racing as well.


Come July we were headed to East Troy, Wisconsin for the Homecoming festivities!!  The VIP Package included a track day at Blackhawk Farms Raceways.  I told Paul I was a bit fearful of what might happen should I participate.  Well, my worst fears came true.  I was totally addicted by the end of the day!!  The next day we went to Road America to watch Buell racers compete.  Prior to the races, a parade lap was held and I participated.  Even though it was just a parade lap, what a thrill!!  Participating in the parade lap and being in the pits only confirmed my addiction. Watching the races gave me the motivation to start my own racing effort!! 

More to come!



July 04, 2008-  First time at a track.  Blackhawk Farms Raceway.
August 2008-  2004 XB12R purchased and made ready for the track.
September- November 2008-  Plans to go racing in 2009 hatched.

December 03, 2008-  Successfully completed Penguin Race school.


January 2009-  Gainesville H-D/ Buell, and come aboard as sponsors of Paint Shaker Racing.  Welcome aboard!


January 09, 2009- comes to life.


January 2009-  Cody’s Roadhouse comes aboard as a sponsor.  Negotiations with several other sponsors continue.


March 1, 2009-  Sponsors for 2009 are Gainesville H-D/Buell, Cody’s Roadhouse, and


March 4th-5th, 2009-  I competed in my first race weekend, placing 4th in LWT SOLO, 1st in HWTSS and 3rd in LWTSB.

 September 5th-6th, 2009-  I completed my first ever racing season by capturing the WERA North Florida Series Novice HWTSS and LWTSB Championships!!!!  I also won my first SOLO and first LWTSB race of the season!






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