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July 05, 2012:  I had tentatively planned to race Road America and thought the races would be mid-June.  Around June 5th I learned the races were scheduled for  June 08th-10th.  As of June 7th I was still debating if I would even go when  I received a phone call from a fellow racer and good friend Travis Richards.  He was running his team in the 6 hour endurance race and needed a fill in due to an injured rider.  Less than 4 hours later I was packed and rolling for Road Atlanta!!!

I arrived a little after dark and met up with some old friends.  Friday June 8th I had to learn a new bike (SV-650) with a different shift pattern(GP shift), all the while trying to keep from trashing someone else’s bike and not getting in the way of faster riders.  I got 4 whole laps.

Race time!!  Wait, the longest race I have done has been about 25 minutes and I felt like a beat dog after that…  I promised no more than 30 minutes.  My first two teamates did almost 1.5 hours each!!  My next teamate did about an hour and then I was up.  A few laps into my time I got a bad cramp in my right leg.  Came close to having to pit in, but I fought through it and continued on!!  Man that bike was a pig for the first 20-30 minutes (full tank of gas).  As my time wore on the bike slowly began to handle better.  Did my best to stay out of the faster riders’ way while I circulated the track. They kept showing me a lap time of 1.4? on the pit board, but I knew they had to have been doing it for moral (I felt like I was in the 1.53 range).  I was having fun. but starting to get a little sketchy in a few areas on the track (out of shape).  Before I knew it I saw 60 minutes displayed on the pit board and I signalled to come in.  Now, have to remember be in neutral at the stop and kill the engine with the kill switch.  Perfect!  I stepped off the bike exhausted and totally thrilled!!!  I had just completed my longest race time!  Another rider completed the remaining time on track.  




Jan 01, 2011:  2010 is now histroy!  I didn’t get much racing in.  However I did get to race at DAYTONA!!!  I also returned to Road Atlanta for the June round.


Jan 11, 2011:  For 2011 I plan to run the #544 Buell XB 12R Firebolt 3-4 race weekends.  Talks are ongoing that may allow for more race weekends!  In other news, WERA has announced the Harley-Davidson XR1200 will be legal in LWTSB in AMA SS form.  Now if I could just get a Harley Dealer/Group interested…


April 2011:   We went to Roebling Road Raceway in March for the WERA National Round.  The bike felt great, but I was off my previous pace by approx 4 seconds and was never in the mix.  There is a possibility I may go to the Road Atlanta round.  Not sure yet though.

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